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Vista patch

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#1 Slava2

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Отправлено 05 мар 2007 - 04:14

Вышел универсальный патч под Висту.

This download is suitable for the e-version of your program.

This patch will optimize core functions of current MAGIX products, which
were released in 2006, for Windows Vista. Among other things, the
necessary permissions will be set and new burning routines will be
installed for this purpose.
Since Windows Vista is not fully compatible with previous Windows
versions, problems that are specific to the particular program in
question can occur. For these cases, we offer individual program updates.


No special requirements needed.

If you have a problem with a downloaded patch, You must have the correct Program version installed.When the Patch is not for your Program version,it will not install.

Installation instructions

How to install a Patch:

1. Right click with your mouse button and choose a target to save, under..."
2. Save the file to your chosen target on your hard drive
3. Close all opened programs,In particular MAGIX Programs
4. Open the downloaded file with a double click
5. Follow the given instructions
6. When you are informed, please reboot your computer

How to install a help program / Tool:

Our help programs/Tools, normaly must not be installed only when you have a problem. Please take note of any warnings given. Certain tools dig deep in your system and can cause problems with Windows operating systems.

Name of file: vista_patch_1.0.0.0_us.exe
File updated: 30.01.2007
File size: 2.008.944 Bytes (1.92 MB)

Качаем - http://rapidshare.com/files/19440714/vista...0.0_us.exe.html
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